In the healthcare industry it is important to work on a secure network as data can be confidential and records should not be made public. HIPPA which is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requires health information to be protected against unauthorized disclosure. In order to comply with these laws we will add higher level encryption technology. This will ensure that information is not accessed by those who should not see it. We will implement Zserver Storage which will help secure and protect confidential information by performing server-side data encryption in real-time. In addition we plan to install firewalls that will help increase security. Barracuda networks provides a great firewall protection service that will give us confidence the network is protected from outside attacks.

One of the more important security features that we will implement is a highly detailed and effective disaster recovery plan. Space will be rented at the Sun Guard facility which is located in Philadelphia. This is where back up servers are kept and placing them at Sun Guard we will minimize costs and data will be backed up every 12 hours. The data will then be tested every four months on a Saturday, to ensure the system is working properly.

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