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Caring People has big plans for the future. Within the next 5 to 7 years, Caring People is looking towards a major expansion. They are looking to open offices in Arizona and Pennsylvania (due to the high percentage of senior citizens living in these areas). Caring People is also looking to introduce Hospice care into their repertoire of services within the next 3-4 years. Because Caring People is expanding their services and offices, they are looking to double their staff and upgrade their network infrastructure to make it faster, more reliable and more secure.

The first thing our team will focus on is two set up T1 dedicated lines. DSL and cable lines, might have worked well up until now, but Caring People will need something more reliable and something that can handle a bigger influx of ingoing and outgoing calls and all data traffic (i.e. video conferencing, inter-office calls).

Our team will also move all of our servers into one office in New York, and we will be leasing the equipment with a 3 year lease agreement (to stay competitive with new technology every 3 years and reduces the initial capital expenditure). We will be replacing all office fax machines, with document management software. We will be installing Firewalls for heightened network security. And we also are adding some higher level encryption technology in order to be more HIPPA compliant.

A highly detailed and effective disaster recovery plan will be implemented. Space will be rented at a Sun Guard facility in Philadelphia, where back up servers will be kept, and to minimize cost our data will be backed up every 12 hours. This back up site with be tested every four months on a Saturday, to confirm it is working properly.

All RNs will be upgraded to IPADS and iPhones. The iPhone will be advantageous for face time capabilities when they are on the road or in client’s homes doing assessments. And the Ipad will be good for updating and creating new patient charts (Go Green!)

We will also be replacing existing software and databases for patient and nurse aide information. The Software will be outsourced to an Indian based programming company clled Keshav Info Tech (which offers on call support 5 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm). The software will be available on the server via a URL (thin client; which will avoid having to download software to each computer). The most important upgrade to the software will be as follows: each health aide will be assigned attributes (1= able to give an IV 2=able to give bath 3= able to drive and has car 4= knows Spanish etc…). This way when a patient needs to be assigned an aide, a simple search or query can be done to match aides perfectly to clients needs.

With these overhauling plans, Caring People will also need to hire 2 dedicated IT personnel and 1 contracted IT worker from an accredited vendor.

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