The first step in technology design is to develop a physical network design. This starts with deciding on the client and server computers that are needed to support the users and applications. The technological infrastructure is important to understanding how the network will work. There are computers that exist in all of the locations which can be used with the implementation of the new design. Since Caring People has such a large geographic range of offices it is important to centralize the information. This will make searching for information faster and more efficient. Our plan is to bring all of the servers the agency has to one location in New York. Doing this is crucial to the agencies future success but will also require upgrades to the servers that they currently have. In order to make the system work and achieve speed and efficiency all the servers need to be current and compatible with each other.

The network will be connected using T1 dedicated lines which will be more reliable and capable of handling the traffic that the agency will have in the future. This is important because the agency will grow and as an organizations size increases reliability and capacity become important factors in designing a network. In addition to changing the circuits we plan to implement document management software into the system which will help eliminate fax machines. We will be using HP managed enterprise solutions which is a known system that will help efficiency in regards to the document workflow throughout the agency. This system will automate workflow solutions and create output management solutions that will allow multiple users to simultaneously deliver documents through different channels.

Making these changes will have a significant impact on helping in office activities but the agency employees do a large portion of work outside the office. Upgrading RNs to IPADs and Iphones will help make work outside the office more efficient. First off these two devices are known for the speed and easy to use touch screen interfaces. It will not take long for current employees to adapt to this new technology and will make training new ones very simple. The Iphone will create many more ways for employees to interact within the agency. The new face time capabilities allow employees more face time when they are unable to physically meet due to busy schedules. The Ipad will help with data entry and updating and creating charts for patients. This will also help the environment as paper use will significantly decrease.

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