Caring People Inc.'s network can be divided into three conceptual parts; the core layer, the distribution layer, and the access layer. Caring People's access layer consists of all user end points on the network like PCs, printers, and fax machines. These peripheral devices connect to a Local Area Network (LAN). A Backbone Network (BN) at the distribution layer connects all of Caring People's networks with routers, which will optimize network traffic and capacity. The core layer connects all of Caring People's BN technologies together, through a Wide Area Network.

Servers in New York as well as back up servers will be use Linux NOS server software because it provides excellent file, print, and application services. It is more secure than Windows Server and it works well with Windows, Apple and Linux client computers.

Client computers will run Windows NOS client software which will work well with Servers. Clients will have limited access to computers and internet and will be equipped with high security antivirus software.

All existing software and databases for patient and nurse aide information will be replased. The Software will be outsourced to an Indian based programming company called Keshav Info Tech. The software will be available on the server via a URL which will avoid having to download software to each computer. All RNs will be given iPads and iPhones. iPhones will be good while they are on the road or in client's home doing assesment. iPad will be used for creating or updating new patient charts. Also iPads and iPhones will be able to connect to WiFi network protected with WPA2. iPads and iPhones will use WiFi to share information with other devices, to print forms, charts, etc.

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