As of March 2011, Caring People has office locations in New Jersey, New York (2), and Florida (3). There are currently 400 Home Health Care Aides employed with Caring People, and each office has one full time Registered Nurse (RN).

Each of the six office locations has dell desktop computers (some are specifically designated to managers/RNs and some are scattered loosely around the office for people who are usually on the field), two printers, and one fax machine. The offices in New York and New Jersey are equipped with Optimum Cable lines and the offices in Florida are outfitted with Verizon DSL lines.

Because the business grew over the years in an uncontrolled and unexpected fashion, each office has their own servers which they bought and do not function very well.

Each office also has their own software programs to deal with patient files and information. Because each office has unique software and servers, patient information is hard to organize and difficult to maintain.

For emailing, Caring people utilizes Microsoft Outlook and RNs are able to access their files remotely using a program called Citrix. Each office is able to video conference with another office. Each RN is equipped with a Windows Mobile cellular phone and an HP Net Book computer. Each Aide has a Nokia cellular phone.

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