Caring People is an ever expanding company with major expansionary plans for the future. Because home health care is non-cyclical to economic climate changes, it continues to be a very lucrative field, despite recent market slumps. Caring People is looking to expand its market presence in both Arizona and Pennsylvania and include hospice care amongst their many different services.

In order to successfully deal with these developmental plans, our team has cultivated a cost effective, logical, and efficient network design. This design will not only allow Caring People to deal with its expanding clients and offices throughout the country, but it will also allow Caring People to expand in a way that is smooth, flexible, secure, and highly capable of dealing with large flows of patient and employee data and information.

Although there are many different plans and proposals to fully upgrade Caring People’s network infrastructure, there are a couple of main ones that will be the most important and the most effective. T1 dedicated lines will be replacing DSL and cable lines, which will allow for much higher voice and data traffic. T1 lines are significantly more expensive than DSL or cable lines, but offer much more reliable service, and higher capacities and therfore the benefits outweigh its cost. Inter and intra office communications will benefit highly from T1 lines and the reliability and sustainability will prove to be valuable.

By moving all of Caring People’s servers into one main facility in New York it will cut Caring People’s capital expenditure and it will make the technology more centralized, thereby more organized. By leasing our servers, which are the most expensive network technology, Caring People will be able to upgrade easily and stay competitive in an ever evolving market. Although a server upgrade is expensive, it is an advatageous investment due to the fact that the current server technology is dated and not working to its highest potentional. By upgrading the server, business and data flow rates could increase in a very rapid pace.

Making our company “thin” is vital to the success of our upgrade proposal. By installing document management software and providing software upgrades through URL links, will allow for Caring People to concentrate their information technology personnel in other important places of management. Hiring software programmers is expensive, but by outsourcing this expense, the price will be cut in half. Also by making all of the new software infrastructure “thin” it will not take as much time to upgrade employees computers or programs.

Lastly, due to the fact that we are dealing with highly sensitive data and information, and are held to higher standards by the government (HIPPA) for patient protection and privacy, our team has highlighted network security and recovery plans. Firewalls and encryption standards will not only be upgraded, but will also be maintained on an ongoing basis. The advantageous of securing patient information is invaluable and is not an option for Caring People.

A cost discussion is inevitable at this point. Our total one-time cost for our team’s network upgrade plan amounts to $252,396 and our ongoing monthly costs amounts to $24,423. When planning for a major technology upgrade, it is important to plan for the future in terms of cost. Certain things should be built to capacity, and some should be left under built, in order to allow for growth. It is important for management to understand the value of building a sustainable network infrastructure and not to “cheap out” on technological equipment. If management is feeling eerie on the bottom line cost, then there are certain things that can be held off on like the iPhone and iPad upgrade, while there are some things that cannot be sacrificed, like the network security (firewalls and encryption) and new servers.

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